Thursday, October 7, 2010

NEW! Destinations and Hunting Trips - Uruguay Dorado Fishing - Uruguay Bird Hunting

It's football season.  It's hunting season.  This is truly one of the best times of the year for sportsmen.  It's also a great time to take a look at our new lineup in 2011.  More destinations.  More species, and big fish.  That's what's in our lineup for 2011.

First, our new La Zona dorado fishing is sure to continue producing BIG dorado for our clients.  New boats, and new rods and reels for 2011 will make it a great time for anyone to fish with us.  Add the opportunity to hunt doves, ducks, and Perdiz to that, and you have an exciting trip that will really get the adrenaline pumping.  

Next, we are glad to announce that our Paysandu are mixed bag hunt at estancia La Paz will be kicked off with a big sale that will be announced shortly.  This area has proven to be excellent for doves, perdiz, and decoyed pigeons--with a big emphasis on the pigeons.  When is the best time to come?  Just about anytime between May and August.  Please get in touch with us for more details.  

Next, we will be rolling with Uruguay duck hunts in Rio Branco and Rocha.  When something is not broken, the cliche says, "Don't fix it."   These are the best duck hunting programs in South America, and they will continue to be for the foreseeable future. 

In Mercedes, we host our guests in one of the nicest dove hunting lodges in all of South America.  This lodge is located on the Rio Negro River and the dove fields are less than 15 minutes from the lodge.  The shooting can only be described as "hot barreled", and there are easy limits of Perdiz to be harvested, when in season.

Friday, July 9, 2010


The Latest, Greatest from Los Gauchos Outfitters.

Peru Hunting - Andean Geese, Doves, Ducks - all in Peru.

Check out the premiere of the new Peru Bird Hunting Video - Los Gauchos Outfitters

(*produced by SAKmedia LLC)

Contact Los Gauchos today - Yes, we've been in Peru - sorry for the delay in posts to our blog.  But check out the updates on Facebook (/losgauchos) or twitter (@lgauchos) and send us an email about what you want to hear about?

Argentina dove hunting - Argentina duck hunting

Uruguay duck hunting - Uruguay dove hunting

How about some Uruguay dorado fishing - trophy fishing in the freshwaters of Uruguay

and now of course PERU!

Goose hunting is back in Peru, ducks and doves (like it was/is in Mexico), and Big Game. or

Saturday, May 8, 2010


OK --at Los Gauchos Outfitters it kind of feels like Black Friday for hunting season.  May the beginning of duck hunting in Uruguay and Argentina.

What?  May?  Yesiree - while the thermometer rises and you start thinking "when is fall" - the temperature is dropping to a cool 48 degrees for duck hunting mornings in Uruguay - it is winter time and did I mention, duck hunting season!

I have to take this time as Los Gauchos welcomes all of our repeat clients and new clients that are either returning to South America for a hunting trip with Los Gauchos or they are embarking on their first Uruguay hunting trip.

I have had the privilege of spending some duck hunting seasons in Argentina and Uruguay and while we do our best to supply all the information, answer all the questions, and point you in the right direction for guidelines about Uruguay, Argentina, and South America in general...sometimes guests have some funny requests or "suggestions" and as I'm sure it states in the Los Gauchos Terms and Conditions there is no statue of limitations with regards to some of the comments you make when duck hunting in Uruguay.

Here goes:

  •  A few clients from our beloved state of Texas came for a duck hunting trip and had a great one.  They could not believe the variety of ducks and "these aren't Texas ducks" - (Texas is a country, right?!).  Well, we get to their last morning duck hunt and these are duck hunters, not a group of girls getting emotional about their last shopping spree on Park Avenue.  One of the guests makes the comment:  "I have one complaint...I just can't believe this place."  Uh oh I think, did I get my Spanish wrong from the guides - I thought they reported "BUENO and MUCHO PATOS..".  No, he wants to make the comment "Argentina does not have Dr. Pepper.  What kind of third world country is this? 
Ahhh, well, no you are in Argentina among the finest wines, ample supply of coca-cola and Pepsi, as well as the famous mate (a tea like drink favored by residents of Uruguay and Argentina).  So, beware all you bird hunters wanting to take a trip to Uruguay or Argentina for some of the world's best duck hunting.  You will not be served a Dr. Pepper.

  • Travel incident that of course - no Los Gauchos website had mentioned?  What?  Have you called our office or googled the words Uruguay travel, hunting, duck hunting.  Have you never been away and had to pack a suitcase. OK to the point.  A group did have some flight delays which again, is not Los Gauchos fault OR the airlines - yes, I must digress here - when you have a delay there are several reasons, but it is NOT the fault of the crew.  In fact, the pilots and maintenance crew should get a bonus for every delay.  They keep that equipment in the safest form so that you get to your destination quickly and safely and comfortably.
Anyway, these guests were tired and not in the best of spirits when they landed.  We take them to a cafe to sit down, refresh, enjoy the city of Buenos Aires and nice cool weather and good coffee and fresh baked pastries before heading out to the lodge and the duck hunting blinds.  

The guest just could not get over the delay and finally spoke up (rather loudly - giving Argentineans good reason to LOVE American tourists....) I want a LARGE coffee and refill and where are the all you can eat pancakes I want.

Uh, I quickly check to make sure we picked up the right person.  Maybe he did get on the wrong plane and was headed to a meeting at the Waffle House in Abbeyville not Argentina for duck hunting.

So take note:  Argentina and Uruguay are almost 5000 miles away.  Below the equator and a different continent.  This is the reason WHY duck hunting is so grand in Uruguay and Argentina.  The international travel is a big part of the experience and adventure - so enjoy - every delay, every cup of coffee, every minute of duck hunting for species not found north of the equator. 

Los Gauchos welcomes you and I thank our clients for making it such a pleasure to meet you and help to make sure you have the best duck hunting trip ever.  Again, I do this because I love the clients, the country of Uruguay and Argentina , the culture and differences of Argentina and Uruguay, and the mishaps that sometimes happens...makes life great!  And gives some good content for Facebook and Twitter.

Happy Hunting and enjoy the 2010 Duck Hunting Season in Uruguay and Argentina
Contact Los Gauchos about 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Travel Tips for Duck Hunters with Los Gauchos Outfitters

OK --you've traveled and gone through the changes and charges of the airlines.  Well, guess what, travel to Uruguay is easier and rates are good --and best bit of info - BAGS fly FREE!  Yep, when you book an international trip on American Airlines (a favorite of Los Gauchos Outfitters) your bags fly free.

American Airlines is the only airline that offers a direct flight to Montevido, Uruguay - the arrival city for Uruguay duck hunting.  And mid-season (July), or as we like to describe it, prime duck hunting season, American will add a flight each week, so no reason for you not to experience the Uruguay duck hunting season and take part in the cool winter weather and ducks in Uruguay with Los Gauchos Outfitters.

May is sold out at the Rio Branco Lodge - but still have room at Fortin Lodge.

JULY is open (NEW) for Rio Branco - July 12-17 - remember 5 mins to the duck blinds - this lodge is a favorite of Los Gauchos clients.

Fortin is a new favorite with duck hunting and Perdiz hunting out of the same lodge - and only 3.5 hours from MVD.  So book now and don't get left out of the 2010 Uruguay Duck Hunting season.

Contact Los Gauchos today - Duck Hunting season begins May 1st!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Summertime Duck Hunting IN Uruguay and Argentina with Los Gauchos Outfitters

For the avid duck hunter, nothing sounds sweeter than being able to hunt ducks in mid July.  At least for me it was, and that is precisley what ignited my passion to make my first trip to Argentina.  None of my duck hunting buddies were as convinced as I was that the wingshooting in South America was all that it was purported to be--so none of them were ready to make the investment in airfare and hunt fees to go with me.

So I did what any addict would do--i went it alone, and my agent said that I could join an intact group of hunters for a mixed bag shoot for ducks, geese, and perdiz.  I even got my first taste of pigeons, and was happy to have the opportunity to do so, since it's the next best thing to duck hunting in a freshly cut corn field.

The duck hunting in Argentina, and later I found in Uruguay too, is simply the best in the world--better than Canada, better than Mexico, better than you name it.  I have hunted all of these places and shot ducks on four continents, and nothing tops suck hunting in South America.

There are so many species of birds, and they are all so plentiful--Silver teal, Speckled teal, Chiloe widgeon, Rosybilled Pochards, and many more.  The ducks, plus the Magellan geese, make hunting in Argentina a waterfowl hunting bonanza--it's no wonder that so many repeat...this trip is a once in a lifetime fo some, but for many others, it is an addiction that must be fed yearly.

Fortunatley, it only took one trip and the photos that I took there to convince my friends and family that this was the place for duck hunting.  After a few more trips, I knew that the time was right to make my move and start my own operation.  That was over ten years ago, and since then we at Los Gauchos have never looked back.  It has been an incredible run, and we are now expanding into emerging wingshooting markets like Peru.

Yes, Peru shows a lot of promise to become the next big venue in wingshooting--especially duck hunting.  The rice fields there offer great shooting for teal and tree ducks, and dove hunting combos and even Andean goose hunting are a part of the standard package.

When I was asked what country is next for Los Gauchos, I give my standard response, "I don't know right now, but if there is good duck hunting there, there is a good chance of us being there soon!"

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Los Gauchos is in Gear and Ready for Hunting Season

Just received some magazines with great photos of dogs and the sad headlines of  "Hunting Season coming to a close..." awwww.

Well, good news hunting season is about to begin (and actually is year round for the dove hunting) at Los Gauchos Outfitters.  Los Gauchos is preparing as always, rice for the daily baiting - check.  Flight schedules to/from Miami set - check.

And good news and updates for the upcoming Uruguay duck hunting season.

First, flights - American Airlines has added a flight to their schedule to/from Montevideo. American Airlines now flies 4 flights per week to Montevideo.  We don't like to take credit, but now that Los Gauchos has 2 lodges ---we're just saying...thanks American Airlines for making it easier to get to Uruguay for duck hunting.

Second - Los Gauchos lodges - maybe you have not heard, Los Gauchos now has TWO, dos, 2, more than  one, duck hunting lodge.  Fortin Lodge is located in Chuy, Uruguay in the northeast part of Uruguay and provides the full days of duck hunting that Los Gauchos customers want.

We could go on and on...but we have duck hunting schedules to put together and hunting gear ready for their ride to Uruguay - so cheer up -- Hunting Season is about to start in Uruguay for the 2010 season.

Los Gauchos - we love creating a culture of excellence - our foundation of Uruguay duck hunting greatness.

Check out all of our Uruguay duck hunting destinations and let us know what you think....

Friday, February 12, 2010

Argentina Bird Hunting and Uruguay Hunting Trips --Coming Soon!

Yes, while the US is covered in snow, Argentina and Uruguay are enjoying 90 degree temperatures and a summer season like most.  Now, as we move to the middle of February and spring break and YES, we did say SPRING BREAK!  Then North America will quickly forget the cold, snowy days of February and be wishing they could have some nights less than 80 degrees.

Welcome to Argentina and Uruguay and specifically Argentina Bird Hunting and Uruguay Duck Hunting season.  Whoo hoo -- it's back better than ever.  Argentina has many more destinations such as:

Argentina doves, ducks, pigeons, AND Perdiz out of the same lodge - Estancia Estero and Rosybill Lodge

and the Los Gauchos classic Duck Hunting Lodges - Rio Branco and Fortin Lodge

Los Gauchos wants to take a moment to review what we have learned our clients want (and yes, we will take comments, applause, or tips?!?)

  • provide some top quality duck hunting 
  • provide some options in both Argentina and Uruguay
  • let us taste some of that famous Argentina wine
  • teach us how to pronounce or say URUGUAY (and how to spell it!)
  • don't make us bring a gun---they DON'T fly free --even on Southwest Airlines
  • don't charge us since we can't find room in our luggage checklist to bring a gun case.
  • again, we are traveling way down south for duck hunting - show us some duck hunting!

OK -- Los Gauchos has answered -

Los Gauchos provides top Uruguay duck hunting and top Argentina duck, dove, pigeon, and Perdiz hunting.

Argentina wine served - several varieties and hints on which ones to buy at the duty free shop before you depart.

URUGUAY -- we don't care but happy to help with the spelling and pronunciation of Uruguay.

Guns provided - included in the daily rate. so don't worry. Los Gauchos has you covered. Hunting equipment is included.

Again, we show you the best duck hunting in Uruguay and Argentina - all day everyday.

Come on down --pack light and get ready for some Uruguay duck hunting and Argentina bird hunting.